September 2017 New Moon in Virgo

This New Moon brings big flavours of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune into the mix.
Typically a basic Virgo New Moon will see issues that reflect the flow and organisation around jobs, employment, workplaces = the tasks that feed the machine-like function of society - as well as the flow and organisation of your internal system in respect of what feeds your biological system: so matters of health, diet, nutrition are more likely to arise in the lunar period starting from a few days before 20 September - until the approach to the New Moon of 19 October 2017.

New Moon exact in Auckland with connected energies But every luminary event has its own signature, no two are alike so attention is drawn to what other transient energies are caught up in the flow of energy from the Sun and Moon as captured when the exact phase occurs. Early triggering before exactitude is as common as events occurring on or after exactitude -it depends which other connected energy comes into position and adds weight and …

Kim Jong-un - power crazy in 2017

North Korean President Kim Jong-un is gaining global attention in 2017 in a period coinciding with the effects of transiting Pluto.

President Kim was born on Jan 8 1984 - a Capricorn with Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio.

The Sun was at 17 Capricorn on his birthdate and transiting Pluto has lingered around 16-17 Capricorn since early 2016.

The activation of Kim's Capricorn potentials is also accompanied by the energies of Scorpio being triggered - since his significant planet is Saturn and the current Pluto effect will also bear a connection to Scorpio themes.

What does this mean in lay terms?
Capricorn and Scorpio are the two most control oriented astrological energies - as expressed through their respective planets Saturn and Pluto.

Pluto in Scorpio is extremely controlling.

Scorpio themes also include a fascination or significant focus on death or at least radical transformation.

Capricorn wants to be the big boss, the leader the ultimate authority.

Through his testing of mega-death weaponry…

Jacinda Ardern or Bill English for PM?

Who's got the right fuel in the tank in September 2017 to take the job of New Zealand Prime Minister?

It's Leo Jacinda versus Capricorn Bill and the fire versus earth energy difference has become increasingly clear as the volume is raised in the run-up to the 2017 election.

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If full birth data were available the whole picture would be up for analysis in determining who will prevail..who has the right stuff at the right time to take the big prize - but insights are on offer giving particular likelihoods. The transiting energies at any one point in time will enhance or challenge a person's fundamental energy potentials.
Looking at Bill English at the Sept 4 debate with Jacinda Ardern his power planet Pluto was activated by the Sun and he came out predictably in a forceful manner. As the final week of campaigning arrives he is likely to be buoyed by the amount of popularity he is experiencing when amongst his supporters. By Sept 21…

Jacinda & Winston or Bill & Winston

Examining the potential coalition options emanating out of the nationwide general election of 2017 the question arises as to how much inherent compatibility exists between the third party leader and the leaders of the traditional political Right and Left
The key figures as at late August are Jacinda Ardern [Labour], Bill English [National, Winston Peters [NZ First]

Energy analysis based solely on 11 energy factors* in effect on the date of birth for each participant gives a distinct picture.

Jacinda with Winston
Jacinda Ardern  born 26-7-80 and Winston born 11-4-45 are both Fire signs -an immediate capacity for bold assertive conduct. She is a Leo -sign of the heart and known for their sunshine quality and he is that most masculine of signs Aries. This fire compatibility creates a basic level of energetic comfort.
Both have the water sign Cancer in a significant role -housing and family matters are important. The capacity to care about people underlies their motivation.

Both have the ea…

Terror Erupts in Barcelona

The toll of fatalities plus injuries exceeds one hundred in the aftermath of terror-driven attacks in central Barcelona Spain, commencing around 4.50pm local time.

BBC coverage shows the route of the main attack, where a van driven at speed deliberately targeted pedestrians.
A violent and fatal explosion at a house 200kms south of Barcelona on Wednesday evening is believed to be been a related incident.
What is shown by astro-analysis is that as well as a known trigger for extreme behaviour being in effect: from 8am-5pm the time zone of Spain was affected by a solar generated geomagnetic enhancement caused by the particle wind from a solar coronal hole. Such strong increases in magnetic energy have been shown repeatedly to tip people over the edge, inciting to extreme behaviour. 

This extra trigger is in addition to the waxing or building phase of the total solar eclipse due to reach exactitude on Monday 21st August.
This eclipse [New Moon] sun-moon conjunction in Leo and in connectio…

Charlottesville eclipse flashpoint for US & world

August 2017 is an eclipse month -two eclipses in a month known for drama on the world stage and in 2017 the drama is primarily coming out of America, with President Donald Trump the poster boy for the uncontrolled human emotions which are posing significant collective threat.

Eclipse pairs occur close to every 6 months and their energetic impact extends often far longer. So what gets stirred up in the eclipse period has considerable significance.

In assessing the energy mix that is present the ingredients are examined - like looking at a cake recipe - what is put in and combined creates certain distinctive flavours, textures and certain outcomes.

August 2017 with eclipses on the 7th and 21st - and the latter one being the most potent -a total solar eclipse it is clear already to astronomers that the late August event has a visible pathway across mainland America.

The themes of both eclipses, the lunar and solar are repeating the same refrains: they involve the need to resolve major c…

Dramatic Eclipses of August: Metiria Turei profile

update: August 9th: within hours of this post Metiria Turei resigned her position as co-leader. Although the event occurred faster than anticipated in this report, strong pressures have been in place for several weeks as indicated by planetary forces in effect. It remains that the late August eclipse will also be a time of challenge for her.

In mid July 2017 Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei opened the hornet’s nest of her personal past in a conscious political act revealed at the party's AGM intended to open the conversation about poverty in New Zealand, specifically how much of a poverty trap the country’s “welfare” system literally is.

Rejection of the messenger has come from a broad swathe of the media, from within her own party, from political adversaries and from the public at large –whilst also firming up support from those who’ve walked in those shoes.

Turei recognised the sacrificial element as a risk in taking this bold and arguably unprecedented step in NZ political disc…